Waiheke Equestrian is a local family business, created by Cindy Page, that has grown to include horse training, treks and lessons for all ages. Growing up horse riding and competing Cindy has a passion for horses that is the heart of this business. Through an ongoing relationship with Redcliffs Equestrian, Cindy has developed a style of teaching and training, based on years of experience and continued learning, producing excellent results with a natural style of horsemanship. Cindy still competes for fun, daughter Keira Page has had much success as a show jumper on the NZ Show Jumping circuit and currently coaches at Waiheke Equestrian, son Jackson Page has also been a successful show jumping rider. 

The Riding academy has produced a team of competitive riders both young and old.

The horses of Waiheke Equestrian run in large herds in large paddocks, are kept fit on Waiheke hills and swim in the ocean in summer.  We believe in maximising both their physical and mental wellbeing.